June 2019

Icon in a little hut
Greek Orthodox religious street shrine, Achiropitos Church, Thessaloniki, Greece

I liked Thessaloníki. It’s a mixture of dusty urban streets with shops selling beach umbrellas, interesting portals, attractive heritage sights, a glittering seafront, and varied cultural delights.

People standing under tall metal umbrellas
Captivating umbrella sculpture being used for community gathering

One minute I was standing surprised in front of a shop that seemed to be only selling beach umbrellas, the next I spotted a woman behind one on a far away balcony.

I stopped off here partly to break my journey to the north, but mainly to meet Shiatsu practitioners and teachers.

Daphne, head of the Shiatsu Academy Thessaloníki

The Shiatsu Academy

Evening drinks with Marie-Helene and a yummy lunch with Daphne were both really satisfying exchanges. The joy of meeting others in my own, rather niche profession and being able to talk shop, knowing they speak the same language (Shiatsu I mean! I spoke French with one and English with the other) was delightful.

Sparrow perched on chair back
I had a chirpy visitor as I sipped my fizzy mineral water, and gazed at the shining sea over the top of my laptop


Beautiful doorways abound.

Ornate orange door in a green wall with lamp outside
Copper bells outside a bar

I thought it was a church, but it turned out to be a night club! Thessaloniki, Greece

Door, steps and flowers
Someone’s front door – care and attention to detail make for everyday beauty here
Pink walls and green lattice doorway
A domestic front garden of contrasting colours
2 White columns with lattice work
Doric columns adorn this frontage. Thessaloniki, Greece

Hostel accommodation

There was WiFi at the Studio Arabas hostel where I stayed for 2 nights, on Satchouri. I booked through Hostelworld. It is steeply uphill and I didn’t have time to explore the Old Town that it is in because I was meeting people in the part nearer the sea where most of the monuments are – that’s a good trek down and climb back up so be warned.

Early morning street sceneI left early to walk the hour to the bus station and caught the morning sunlight, Thessaloniki

The hostel was clean, but not in a squeaky clean sort of way. I got some advice from the lovely Charlotte while I was there. Although you can’t do this at her place…


… It is always worth booking a hostel by phone or in person because you often get money off or a free breakfast. They save money on the fees they have to pay to the third party, the booking website.

White tents with book stalls

The book fair was on that day, Thessaloniki, Greece


I was on my way to a meeting but needed a cup of tea. It was going to be an hour’s walk. Until, that is, I spied Vermilion.

Just my sort of place. Creative and friendly, good WiFi and recycled jewellery.

I was early and they were cleaning and preparing for the day, Vermilion, Thessaloníki, Greece

Old car on front of paper menu
The menu was handwritten in the front of an exercise book

Nearby are other nice places – a bakery, cheese shop and more.

Rings and necklaces

Recycled jewellery made by the owner
Outdoor restaurant with foliage
B café
People sitting at tables with drinks
Café full of young people including women playing backgammon

Local people resting in the shade

I was fascinated to glimpse women sewing and men and women sharing a drink in the shade.

10 men sit around a table

A group of men in the distance, taken with the zoom. They went back and forth through a door in the wall behind – I was so curious!

Women in black clothes chatting by trees
You can just about make out the women who had been keeping the church yard spic and span, taking a welcome break

Sewing shop women
She turned round and gave me a huge smile so I asked permission to snap


In Greece many people draw a cross on themselves when they see a church. A woman on the train did it as we whizzed past one. Later I saw a man walking a dog, doing the same thing .

Church steps and plants

The priest was just emerging as I crept around the lovely church near my hostel

Greek Orthodox Church, Thessaloniki, Greece


There are Classical Greek columns everywhere in Thessaloniki.

White fluted uprights above flight of steps

Ionic columns add finesse to the Cathedral, Thessaloniki, Greece


Decorated brick arches
City walls
Soft coloured stone arch with blue sky and buildings visible through
Arch of Galerius, Thessaloniki, Greece

This ancient monument was built in 305 AD following the final victory of Emperor Galerius against the Persians.

Greek women dance around the pediment

Carvings from the arch

Apartment blocks and ancient walls

I liked the apartment blocks cheek by jowl with the ancient stone


The sunken garden of the Greek Orthodox Church of St Demetrios

Everywhere there was marble – walls, floors, and columns of course!

Table and orchids
The marble basement of the B cafe at the Museum of Byzantine Culture

Other sights

Railings by the sea
Padlocks for peace
Men sitting on edge sea
Enjoying the sunset together
Musicians against setting sun
Trumpeter in silhouette
Red sculpture in front of building
Museum of Byzantine Culture
Reclining Greek figure
Greek Archeological Museum
Whitened stone memorial
Sarcophagus, part of the Field, House, Garden, Grave exhibition at the Archeological Museum

Trees and religious building
Church at night
Humorous street art
Man on horse on plinth
Alexander the Great. The spears are arranged in the formation from his best known battle
Woman of Pindos, 1940
Statue and author
An undressed version Emanuel Pappas (1772- 1821) and me with my clothes on. He was the leader of the Greek War of Independence.

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