and Italy!

I flew to Basel, went by train to Fribourg/Friburg (in Switzerland, not Germany!) and Bulle, and from there in the car to Crésuz where I stayed with my friend Justine. Wow! The Swiss Alps are all they are made out to be – and more.

Le Lac de Montsalvens

Mont Bifé and more

What To Put In Your Rucksack

I also visited northern Italy (Morbegno) in the Autumn of 2017 to stay with dear friends, Pietro and Americo. Pietro took me on a day-trip into the Alps via the mountain village of Cataeggio to Val Massino and the famous bagni, the hot springs in the Sondrio region, just south of the Swiss border. We also visited the stunning Val di Mello.

Val di Mello, Lombardy, northern Italy