No Birds Lands

Sound / art installation in the Trinity Tunnel, Edinburgh

Tree-Feeling Walk and Online Meet-up

Blog about the Urban Tree Festival Event

Inverleith Park Saturday May 15th 2.30-3.30pm (UK time) in person small group Tree-Feeling walk. For tickets click on the link above

Leith’s Women

Walks around Leith celebrating the women who are buried there, have streets named after them, visited, worked and lived in the area.

A Different Lens

My contribution to Elspeth Penfold’s A Different Lens, Margate 2020

My corner of Eden

January 2020 Walking Between Worlds

An old map of Leith showing St Ninian’s Chapel

Walking Between Worlds was a guided tour of three Leith graveyards as part of the Terminalia Festival of Psychogeography, happily coinciding with the Audacious Women Festival 2020

Walking Between Worlds – an introduction

Walking Between Worlds 1

Walking Between Worlds 2

Walking Between Worlds 3

March 2020 Walk This Weekend

Featured on the Social Art Library

Photo by Marie Geller

Walk This Weekend was a community walking event organised in response to the worldwide lockdown as a result of covid-19. Many people from different countries took a short solo walk around their immediate neighbourhood for the purposes of exercise. While they were out, they recorded sound and took photos to share with those who were self-isolating or for some other reason could not leave their houses. The task was to create a video/audio for them so they could be outside while they were inside. Here it is on YouTube

Walk This Weekend – blog explaining the background and guidelines

and here are the Words and Images from the 30 people who took part across the world.

A Synchronised Edinburgh Walk

with #womenwhowalk network (Sonia Overall)

Link to the Edinburgh night walk

Hidden Heroines Tour, Edinburgh

Edinburgh – New College and Calton Hill An account of the Hidden Heroines Tour by Carla Nebulosa on International Women’s Day 2019