Travels in Austria

what is a journey?

a journey is the day
it’s impossible
to stay

the day there
means more

than here

the day you
enter the view
from your window

A wonderful poem taken from ‘The Road North’ by Alec Finlay and Ken Cockburn.

What To Put In Your Rucksack


I started my Austrian travels in Vienna at the end of September 2017 because I was attending the European Shiatsu Congress. There are 2 blogs covering the city: 26 September and Vienna 2 I stayed in Ursula’s flat and looked after her cats, for which I am very grateful. After a week, I walked along the Danube river to Andlersdorf to stay with the kind and gentle Sabine. I made a pilgrimage from Vienna to Mariazell, the Via Sacra. Here are links to that: Day one, Hinterbruhl to Heiligenkreuz; Day two to Kaumberg, Day three etc; thence to Graz for a few days where I danced the Lindy Hop to a jazz band on the street. I made my way by bus to the Worthersee and trekked from Klagenfurt to Cap Worth to Villach, and from there I crossed into Italy.