Lost Species Day events

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Extinction Bell, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Found in the Cracks

Plants that grow in apparently infertile places, and reflections on that Spring 2020 lockdown time

Found in the Cracks

Clipp’d Wings

Now a blog on the Walking Artists Network website. A lockdown project in which I invited people (via twitter) to complete this sentence: ‘If I had wings I would…’. I collected one or more feathers per daily walk during the first 5 months of lockdown and constructed a dovecot. Each cubby hole has a standing feather; each feather has a message around its shaft – one of the sentences that contributors sent me. Read more/…

Ritual – Women’s Work?

A short film where a woman clears the ground and lays a spiral of small, white stones, a simple labyrinth to walk meditatively.

Ritual – Women’s Work?

There is no going back

New Year ahead! ‘I hear that you might want to return to normal, get back to the way things were, and live your life the way it used to be before Covid….’

There is no going back – New Year ahead!

I recommend Heavy Time by Sonia Overall

In Praise of the Donkey
In Praise of the Donkey

What to pack in your rucksack

A comprehensive list of what to pack in your rucksack if you are going on a hike (particularly if you are walking one of the Spanish caminos for the first time) and why, with photographs and full details.