My last sunrise in Zagreb

At the stop on Avenija Dubrovnik (some 5 minutes from the apartment) which Google maps recommended, there was a list of buses but it didn’t include an airport one or the numbers mentioned, so I took someone’s advice instead. I took the #6 tram.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning

More than an hour later, the airport bus did indeed stop right where Google maps said it would, so I am writing this blog to help others to avoid the same waste of time and energy.

You can pick up the airport bus from a number of different places but notably from the Autobusni kolodov (Zagreb bus station). Allow time to find the bay as it is not amongst the other bus stops.

This is the airport bus terminal, tucked behind all the other bays – no signs pointing in this direction, no officials to ask where it is – but it is the part of Zagreb bus station where you get the airport bus.

Not an exciting photo but I took it so that you can orientate yourself ie if you can see this view, you have found or are close to finding the place where the airport bus leaves from!

It goes every half hour on the hour and the half hour, and takes 35 minutes.

Airport bus timetable as of November 2018

Detail: Nice bus driver. On time. Comfy seats. Ticket: 30 kuna, buy on the bus.

Zagreb Airport (another chrome tube! – see previous blogs)

The airport has different names: Zracna luka and Franjo Tudman being 2 of them.

I flew to Thessaloniki (Greece) from Zagreb (Croatia) with Air Serbia – stopping at Belgrade (in Serbia) to change planes.

Zagreb is the quietest, emptiest airport I have ever been to. There were 3 of us going through security. Three!
Waiting for the flight
Although the first plane was tiny and almost full, there was almost no-one on this second one.
Free fish biscuits and a glass of water on both flights
Piet Mondrian – Belgrade has a museum / art gallery. What a brilliant idea

I recommend the cafe below at Belgrade Airport – helpful staff, free WiFi and delicious green tea. It takes euro and local currency.

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