Zagreb 5 – the Botanic Gardens

For Nicky, my mum, from whom I learned to love plants and photography.


In the southern part of Zagreb´s lower town, it extends from the Miramarska road in the east to the Runjaninova street in the west, along the Mihanovićeva street and the Marulićev square in the west, with the rail embankment in the south.

Opening hours:

The Garden is principally open from 9 am till sunset, at the latest by 7 pm.
Monday & Tuesday: 9 am – 2.30 pm
Wednesday – Sunday: 9 am – 7 pm (5 pm*, 6 pm**, 4 pm***)

*Early spring visiting hours in March (till the first Wednesday after the summer time change)
** Early autumn visiting hours in October (till the first Wednesday after the winter time change)
*** Late autumn visiting hours in November (from the winter time change)

Giant waterlillies in the Victoria House.

The fragrance hit me as soon as I walked through the gates.

It was the contrast of the pink and black which attracted me.

Sunday afternoon couples strolled arm in arm.

Aagin, what co,our in these trailing beauties.

Mostly Croatians from what I could hear. No crowds or English.

From the yellow garden. Erysimum Golden Gem and Gazania rigens.


Bird song all around me.

Orange fruits of Autumn.
Textures of pink and bugundy. Amaranthus cruentus.
Vibrant. Gomphrena globosa Rubra.

The end of the prickly pears on the cacti – I saw enormous ones near Valencia 2 years ago. Pountia vulgaris.


I was happy with this photo – Salviasclarea Turkestanica
Furry tendrils with the pagoda in the background.

Late afternoon – the sun setting by 5pm now.

The amazing organge Cyprus contrasting with the bridge.
Mimosa pudica.

I noticed a man with a shopping trolley. He settled himself and started to paint.

Euphorbiceae – Ricinus communis.
From the other direction.

Meanwhile as I stand under the tree, individual leaves waft past my nose.

I like the dark bark covered in green moss.
Conifers with various shades.


The Botanicb Gardens, Zagreb – website.

There is some further information and extra photos here on Zagreb 4 blog.