Halloween 31 October 2018: Museum of Contemporary Art, the permanent collection.

Spirit, Body installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

Not to be confused with the Moderna Galerija which is a Baroque building, Vranyczany Palace housing art works from the 19th century and after, the Museum of Contemporary Art is (during the day time anyway) a modern block of uninspiring concrete in Novi Zagreb, at the crossroads of Većeslava Holjevca and Dubrovnik Avenues. Do not be put off! It has a modernist interior with sharp, clear lines and is beautifully designed to show off its collection of post 1950s performance and Retroavantgarde art.

Reflection of the stairs in the perspex, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.
Somewhere to sit in the sun and contemplate, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.


I got carried away by the red line theme.

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The red neon is in the foyer of the Museum; the red tube which starts on one floor and hooks over the edge of the next level up is Red Line by Ivan Kozaric, 2011; the block with a thin horizontal line (part of a bigger work) is Circles between Surfaces by Dalibor Martinis; and the drawing is part of the presentation for the 32nd Venice Biennale in 1964.

I am currently writing about death so was not surprised to find a number on that theme.

Jan Fabre’s I Spit on My Own Tomb (though the spitting was not working).


There was an interesting ‘sculpture’ in the Gradski Park – photographer Romeo Ibrisivika has been ‘pulling the wrecks out of the environment’ (dragging rivers, that sort of thing), and then there was a sculpture in the Museum which reminded me of it.

There were two which took a Scottish theme: a video Midges by Dorothy Cross (2000) and these two photos (from a series of three).

Aran Miljenko Horvat (1965).

I seemed to be picking up on a theme of doorways – what is behind? what will come through?

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.. the lip of light beneath a sill.

Women Who Run With The Wolves, Bluebeard commentary Claudia Pinkola

There was a twisted two-slide shute which must be really fun and doubles up as an art work (which was not working). Then everywhere I looked were coils of metal and chrome.

A poster I saw in Padua reminded me of Lea (before she changed her hair colour!) whose hospitality here in Croatia has been amazing, and the art work in the gallery – Untitled by Antun Motika (1943-44).

A very moving series about women in a safe house, most of whom had been abused and fled the men who caused it. Women’s House Sanja Ivekovic (1998-2002).
A hanging light installation. Changes by Mirjana Vodopija (1994)
New York, New York by Dalibor Martinis (1984) shows two screens of waves, the wake behind a boat and reminded me of standing on the ferry from Ireland to Wales.
Zlatko Kopljar’s Compassion (2005), from a series of him kneeling in front of national monuments.
Orange Extension by Jesus Raphael Soto (1968-70).


Annette Messager’s Woman and Drawing a series of three (1972).

Shots through windows.




Even the toilet door signs were related to an artwork!

Tiles like this one are in all the lavatories.


Back outside.

The Wu Chi again – the un-manifest aspect of the Tao. See Picardy 4


Free admission for all visitors on the first Wednesnday of the month!

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