Mostly a photo essay – June 2019

Photographs of some of the wonderful sights in Athens which I saw on my trip

Night sky with moon and Parthenon
Nearly full moon over the Acropolis
Blue and grey hues of the concrete and glass Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece
The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece
The white Classical architecture of the National Archaeological Museum with trees on either side and the tiled driveway curving up,, Athens, Greece
The National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with soldiers and their shadows marching in front
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Athens, Greece
Classical Greek architecture with colums, pillars, statues and Greek flag flying
The old National Library, Athens, Greece

There are many beautiful Greek Orthodox churches everywhere

The domed roof of a very old Greek Orthodox Church amongst pretty bouganvillia and spiky trees
Church of Ayia Aikaterini below on the left where P and L got married, Athens, Greece
A Greek Orthodox Church with towers and dome next to Olive trees
Greek Orthodox Church, Athens, Greece
Beige and white Greek Orthodox Church with columns, turrets, crosses and stepped entrance
A Greek orthodox Church, painted white and In a side street off Sarri, Psyri, Athens, Greece
Simple exterior of Greek Orthodox Church with decorated window and cross on top
Church entrance, Athens, Greece
Pink, silver and gold church interior with the Virgin Mary and Christ
Church interior second only in richness (in my experience) to St Mark’s In Rome and  Samye Ling Buddhist Temple in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. This one is in Athens, Greece
Doorway to a religious crypt with frescoes in natural setting
Crypt, Aiolu, Athens, Greece
Towering column and domed roof painted blue with silver stars of Greek Orthodox Church, Athens
Ekklesia Panagia Chrysospilaiotissa Orthodox Church of Theotokou – Virgin, Athens Greece
Blue painted roof with golden stars and red walls with religious paintings
Ekklesia Panagia Chrysospilaiotissa Orthodox Church of Theotokou – Virgin, Athens Greece
Classical Greek facade of school with columns and triangular roof, Athens
Very grand school, Athens, Greece

Other nice places and things I passed by and snapped

Pink facade with Greek urn, 2 windows and decorated roof
Modern day exterior influenced by Classical Athens, Greece
Small decorated water fountain with 2 basins and flower motif
Fountain, Athens, Greece
3 busts of Famous Greek men Socrates Plato Aristotle
The three best known men in Ancient Greece – Saorates, Plato and Aristotle (at night), Athens, Greece

Overall it is very built up with only a few green areas, although you will come across gorgeous flowers every now and then. Try and cut through the area around the Acropolis and you will get a little mountain feeling – parched but traffic free and mosaic full. Thanks to the lovely Maria for showing me the way.

Olive trees, ancient ruins and mosaic pavement
Mosaic, Athens, Greece
Iron work balcony with trailing magenta bouganvillia
Bougainvillia, Athens, Greece
Orange pink trumpets of large flowers and serrated leaves
Chinese Trumpet Vine, Greece

Places I will go next time I visit

The peak of Lycabettus mountain with city in front
Mount Lycabettus, worth climbing to get a view all over Athens, Greece
Flamenco dancer with red fan and Greek urn
Flamenco classes, Tositsa, Athens, Greece
Mountainsides with olive trees, crags and flowers
The countryside outside Athens, Greece



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