Agon-Countainville, Normandy, France

I touched down at Charles de Gaulle airport at the end of April 2017, got a bus into Paris and started walking from there (France 1). Over the next few days I explored Paris, and then travelled, by Bla Bla Car, to Normandy to visit the creators of Tsubook (a Shiatsu mobile application).

That was two years ago and since then I have returned to France and written more blogs, which are all listed below. I hope you enjoy them. Please leave a comment if you have been to this beautiful country yourself and have anywhere to recommend or advice to add.

Link to a Facebook page showing a film about the Paris metro art.

Paris 1 blog

Paris 2 blog

Paris walk– Charenton-le-Pont to Richard-Lenoir

Paris walk Tuileries Gardens and Art Tunnel

Walking in Normandy blog day 1 Agon Countainville to Regneville, Normandy, France

Regneville to Saint Martin, Normandy, France

Saint Martin de Brehal to Granville, Normandy, France

Granville Normandy, France.

Granville to Genets Normandy, France.

Mont Saint Michel Normandy, France.

Bas Courtils to Mont Saint Michel to Pontorson, Normandy, France.

Pontorson and La Bernière to Port de Pornic then into Spain (Zaragoza)



Picardy 2

Quiet Moments – Picardy 3

Nature Pleases- Picardy 4

What To Put In Your Rucksack

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Paris, Opera.

From Agon-Countainville, I walked along the randonnée GR223 (known as “Sentier des Dounaniers”) to Regnéville, Saint Martin de Bréhal, Granville (where I stayed an extra day), Genêts, Mont Saint-Michel, Bas-Courtils, then inland to Pontorson along the Couesnon river, and from La Bernerie-en-Retz to Porte Pornic (return) around the coast of Brittany.

Map of part of the GR223 Normandy coastal path.
View of the coast from the Jardin Christian Dior, Granville.

Tsubook link

Rural countryside walking, Normandy.

Bla Bla Car (France) where you can be driven by someone who is already making that journey and advertises through this website for others to join them. Cheaper than bus/train and usually very sociable. Also safe and mostly reliable. Web link


“Sentier des Douaniers” GR223, La Manche tourism

Beach, Normandy.