An evening wander in pictures (with a few words). Tuesday 26th September 2017

It was a stroll really, around the Theresiengasse area of Vienna this balmy evening.

Amongst pastel shaded, elegant streets looking mellow in the last rays of the day’s sunshine.

Craning my neck to enjoy the skyline.

With a quiet mind. I realised it had something to do with the fact that the voices around me, the advertising posters and signs, were all in a language I can barely understand (although some German vocabulary is slowly coming back from O’ level days).

 Mother and daughter on their phones, each walking a small dog, stop to untangle the leads.

I followed my nose, my only aim being to find flowers for my kind host Ursula,  and tissues to stem my Autumn cold. I am reminded that these were my father’s last days 19 years ago.

Kids playing in floodlit playparks on street corners, people smoking inside bars, zebra crossings everywhere.

Night fell and I relied on my GPS to find my way back, still comfortable in sandals and shirt.

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