Saturday 1st Oct 11am – 4pm

Sunday 2nd October 10am – 12noon and 2.30 – 4.30pm

At granton:hub, (Madelvic House), Granton Park Avenue, Edinburgh EH15 1HS. Link to the full weekend programme here.

Showing the mixed media work of selected artists from Granton, Edinburgh and around the UK, this pop-up exhibition addresses themes of death, grief, loss, and re:living.

“KUMMER  KASTEN” by Bibo Keeley. Translated from the German, the title roughly translates into ‘agony box’. Bibo writes, “Whenever thoughts of personal loss, traumatic experiences, or even fears for the future of the planet become overwhelming, I put my thoughts to paper and place them in this box.  It’s an on-going process, and every now and then I take out all the things I have written and burn them.” Material: ply wood (and other materials). Size:  L 40cm W 18cm H 12cm

This varied exhibition includes painting and drawing, artists books, sculpture, film and poetry by:

Bea Denton LinkTree

Tamsin Grainger Showing sculpture, Clipp’d Wings

Throes of Grief Collective

Natalie Taylor

Sarah Gittens

Val Cannon @valcannonart on instagram

Anneleen Lindsay @anneleenphoto on Instagram

paula roush @mobile_strategies We are exhibiting paula’s book. You can find out about it here

Emma Douglas

Moose Azim

Sasha Callaghan @sashasaben on instagram

Emmett McSheffrey

Liza Green

Bibo Keeley @bibo_keeley_artist on instagram

Gina Fierlafijn Reddie

Jenny Smith

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