Blake Morris, in New York, works together with another psychogeographer to make a score for a walk and it is then made available to anyone else who would like to walk it in whatever way they like, wherever they are.

I walked Score #21 ‘with’ Blake and Jody Oberfelder. Here’s the link to the score.

Jody’s score #21

8th March 2022 Edinburgh, Scotland

Even before dawn I spend time practising to breathe, the springboard to living. I seem to have forgotten to exhale, or maybe I was never very good at it.

A casting of a half-dozen rainbow circles – red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, green – and a flag of blue and yellow. Found singly and made into creative collections.

Women in 3s who already existed before I saw them, mythical crones they will one day become, prepare for the wild swim of the year on International Women’s Day 2022. We had a minute’s silence in solidarity with the women of Ukraine and Russia whose countries are at war.

I and 700 other women of many nationalities, cultures and backgrounds are all celebrating together by running into the water beside a sublime sunrise.

The cold water took my breath away.

Ukranian flag on a lamp post, Portobello, Edinburgh

I want the flag to open up conversations about nationality and migration. I question nationality because of its association with borders. Borders divide; they are used as a tool for power and control, and can destroy freedom of movement which is a basic human right. Freedom of movement exists but only for some people. It depends on your passport—if you are European or British you can travel easily. If you decide to go somewhere for work, for the weather, for love, you just go. So many freedoms. For other people, it is not the same.

Iman Tajik

Afterwards we drank a shot of icy sea buckthorn juice, kindly donated. It was a satisfying deep orange colour and very sharp to taste.

Wild Sea Buckthorn growing near Edinburgh, Scotland
The ultimate orange sphere, sunrise, Portobello, Edinburgh

You might also like Score #16 (Winter Solstice) plan and walk, Score #17 (Paris) and the one I made with Blake, Score#9.

Green chalk on concrete

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