June 2021

Walking as a Question took place simultaneously in the Prespa area of north western Greece and internationally, online.

The Walking Conference asked: What questions does walking pose?  What questions can walking be used to explore?  Who walks?  Who chooses to walk? Who is forced to walk?  Who can walk? Who cannot?

And stated: In raising walking as a question in itself, we invite critical and artistic engagement with the limits and possibilities of this most everyday of modalities.  Borders and checkpoints curtail walking. Dog companions stimulate a stroll.  People have been forcibly marched to new territories. People have walked across enormous distances in search of refuge, asylum and freedom. Some use parks and hiking trails for their regular exercise; others walk miles to work; still others must contend with walls or constricted spaces such as in a prison yard or camp.

I took part in these projects in Edinburgh, Scotland as the Covid pandemic was restricting travel at that time:

Awareness Walk

Sandra Cowan and Annie Martin (Lethbridge Walking, Canada) The Walking as a Question page

Walking A Line

Ruth Broadbent (UK). Participant drawings are here

Port Limani

Deirdre McLeod and Stephanie Whitelaw with Artwalkporty (Scotland), who are also connected with the new walking app Walksy which is free to download from your app store – easy and fun to use


These are some of my wunderkammers, inspired by Fay Stevens (Walkeology)

Body Walking

My event was Body Walking which culminated on July 17th 2021 with an online sharing and discussion with those who tried ‘walking in someone else’s footsteps’. You can find out more information on my website tamsingrainger.com here:

Bodywalking photos taken in Paris, France.

Always, thanks to walklistencreate.org home of walking goodness

Cover photo taken in Athens and all other photos ©TamsinGrainger unless permission given

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