Granville – France 6

Granville 6.5.27 Rain – the only walking I did today was around town.

Pretty gardens and houses in Granville.

Granville is a seaside resort in Normandy,  on a rocky promontory, and once a renowned cod fishing town. I arrived on foot yesterday and, due to the holiday weekend there was a lack of beds in the places I was moving on to. The tourist information were very helpful,  as was the woman at the Auberge de Jeunesse where I was lucky enough to find a bed. This morning it rained heavily so I stayed longer than planned.

Dull weather outside the Youth Hostel (Auberge de Jeunesse) but the sea.

I visited an internet cafe (see below for details) for breakfast: croissant, tea, wifi, and the use of a computer for my writing, which was most productive.

Plant pots bring some greenery into the city.

Later I found a creperie but ordered an omelette by mistake. One couple both had buns, two couples were each in matching black and white. Everyone drank cider, so presumably we were all tourists! I was the only one alone, and there was no wifi, nor salt and pepper!

La Courtine, crêpes and cider in a bright, clean bistro-style eateries.

Most bars do not seem to serve food. Some have bought croissants and have them in paper bags behind the bar to sell to customers, and I think, from observation, that you can get a take-away or have your own food and eat it there if you buy a drink.

Attractive colours, designed to please the eye.

By then the wind had died down and it was only drizzling. In the old town, I spotted Vennelle de Saint Michel, just like Edinburgh vennels (narrow pedestrian streets) quaint even in the drizzle.

A Normandy side street reminiscent of Edinburgh ones.

There are some nice shops in the Old Town and I enjoyed the one with artisan makes by a range of local crafters.

One of those 360 degree photos.

I returned to the Modern art museum again and rather cheekily managed to get in for free (there is a ticket which allows entry for both the Modern Art and Christian Dior museums, and as I did not visit the latter I asked for two visits to the former!).

Christian Dior museum.

I wanted to see the photo exhibition, Jeux de Construction by Jaques Faujour again as it made quite an impression on me yesterday.

MamRa museum of modern art, Gravillr
Apollinaire: and on rainy days

Faujour takes photos of people set against a variety of interesting backgrounds. He uses lines, broken lines, brings things into perspective, and above all, tells stories.

On a second viewing there is more to them than I had originally seen: he is always looking for a story. I see a photo which could have been of me when I was in Paris 35 years ago, before my ‘proper’ adult life began.

Young people relax in the Parisian shade.

You can get some stunning views of the port from this end of town.

Even though the weather is still dull.

Internet Câfé Picorette, 24 Rue Saint-Sauveur 50400 Granville.

La Courtine creperie, Granville –